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Essay: Traditional Basis for Pay and Motivational Concepts

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From the start of the industrial revolution businessman from around the world have been searching for the secret of improving productivity. This need urged the scientists to completely study the work environment and relationship of organizations with people. This research led to many different theories about organizational structure and physical environment. (Martocchio, 36)

Essay: Overcoming work-family conflicts

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Different job-designs and perks aimed at facilitating different employees as per their personal needs definitely leads to higher productivity of employees as they feel sense of attachment and affiliation with their organization and in order to be successful organizations have to pursue one or more such strategies. For example in order to overcome work-family conflicts and to increase productivity, employers should introduce family friendly programs for workers having family. It is also seen that any such conflict leads to such drastic results as absenteeism, turnovers, less productivity etc. On the other hand productivity of employees is seen to increase when they are being offered benefits like flexi-hours, child care centers and telecommuting etc. (Kossek & Ozeki, 1999)

Essay: Philosophy in Business Ethics

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The paper would seek to examine the legal and ethical ramifications of FCC proposed changes which would result in BSSL either benefitting or losing out due to these changes,. As has been proved, they would be not beneficial for the organization.

Essay: Significance of Human Resource

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One of the most important yet highly unreliable assets of an organization in this fast moving dynamic world is human resource. For a number of years organizations are trying to preserve their human resource by devising new and improved strategies for them. Take the example of dot com introducing gourmet coffee bars at their offices as a way to offer the most desirable on-job perk of their workers and to keep them at work for long hours (Conlin, 2001).

Essay: Competitive forces of Pepsi

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Five competitive forces in industry also affect the growth prospect of any product/firm. These forces include rivalry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of supplier and bargaining power of buyer.