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Shakespeare’s Sonnets- Introduction and Themes

Shakespeare, the great and most influential English playwright, has not only shown his brilliancy in play writing but also has conquered the ground of poetry buy writing beautiful and musical 154 sonnets. The sonnets of Shakespeare are completely different form his plays. The sonnets do not have any of the signature dramatic elements of Shakespeare’s plays; these sonnets have their own class which separates them from the sonnets of other poets. Many critics believe that Shakespearean sonnets are autobiographical–deal with real events, but as no one knows enough about his life, it cannot be said that whether these sonnets are inspired by real and personal events or not.    

Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense And Sensibility  is among the finest novels of the great English novelist, Jane Austen. Like other novels of Jane Austen, this novel also shares the development of female characters and the tribulation attached with the quest of finding a perfect match. The two main characters, Elinor and Marianne experience great difficulty in finding a suitable match after they were hit by an unexpected mishap.