Different people have different perspectives about the world in general and they also have their own way of dealing with emotionally difficult situations. Some people find a way out from emotional distress and feel much relieved. They have better problem-solving skills and they are more likely to think rationally. They try to look at every problem with logic and rational reasoning and they come up with an effective solution to cope with such a difficult or emotionally distressing situation. Some people do not learn to express their painful feelings and emotions and they are more vulnerable to becoming addicted to self-destructive behavior such as self-harm and cutting. Such people are also termed as masochists.

Masochists are very emotional people and they find it hard to express their painful emotions through normal means. Such people resort to practices like self-harm and cutting and find pleasure doing in physical torments. It is their way to deal with painful emotions to get relieved. They may find temporary relief by resorting to such behavior but in the long run, it is very destructive. They become addicted to self-harm and cutting, and every time they experience emotional pain or hurt they engage in self-harming as a way out to feel temporarily relieved.

What Causes Self Harm?

Mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma can lead to self-harm. Inability to cope with situations that others can easily handle can lead to guilt and hurtful feelings and as a result, some people find self-harm as the best solution to feel relieved. In extreme cases, such people often experience great fits of pleasure by hurting themselves.

Warning Signs of Self Harm

It is usually hard to detect a person being engaged in self-harming because they maintain a calm disposition. They may successfully hide their inner feelings through a calm disposition. From a physical aspect, it is also hard to detect because a person usually covers himself with clothing and injuries and wounds may not appear to others. However, there are still useful ways to detect self-harm and they are.

  • Blood stains on clothing, bed or towels
  • A person may keep sharp razor, knife, needles and other cutting instruments
  • Covering the whole body with clothing by wearing long pants and shirts with long sleeves
  • Irritability and isolation from others

Immediate treatment should be sought if these signs appear in a person because it could get worse with time and can even lead to suicide.