Essay: War a Failure or Success against terrorism

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Essay: War a Failure or Success against terrorism

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There have been many long and controversial debates on the success or failure of the war against terrorism in the entire world. The general public holds a mixed opinions and viewpoints indicating that this issue has been a partial success and partially a failure. Before giving my opinion, I shall have to go through and present certain reports, researches and other relevant news in order to satisfy the authenticity and illustrate the validity of the opinion and make it more evident.

Sine, the war on terror entered a more crucial stage after the incident of 9/11 attacks, the American government and Bush administration are taken to be responsible for the beginning of this war in the entire world. They claimed that Al-Qaeda initiated all the suicidal attacks including those on Twin Towers and Pentagon and this is where the bush government took charge of destroying the disturbing elements and religious extremists around the globe while suspecting the Asian Muslim countries to be the attackers.

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