Essay: The Customers of Celeste’s Daycare

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Essay: The Customers of Celeste’s Daycare

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The customers of the Celeste’s 24 Hours Daycare includes parents, especially those mothers, who are mostly working. Its target customer-base comprises of two segments of customers: full-time working couples and drop-in customers. Thus, the business emphasizes on the satisfaction of both types of customers by analyzing their needs, wants and feedback about the organization’s services.

The organization sets benchmarks and produces the services which are distinguishing from its competitors in daycare business industry. It provides its customers with quality care services, flexible timings for pick and drop of the children, and has maintained a good reputation in the community and in the same industry.

Moreover, the Celeste’s Day care also offers competitive prices i.e. its rates are lower and more affordable as compared to its competitors. This gives the business a cost-leadership edge over its competitors and, of course, more goodwill.

The day care centre extends its hours in order to accommodate those parents who sometimes get back late from work. It provides good quality meals on time and offers a better curriculum for the metal grooming of kids.

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