Essay: Technology based modes of learning

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Essay: Technology based modes of learning

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A third approach to e-learning is blended learning which can be defined as; a combination of various technology based modes of learning, or a mixture of virtual and direct interactional learning or a combination of e-learning techniques with actual job related issues to make learning more effective and fruitful.  Blended learning helps organizations to increase the level of acceptance of e-learning among its employees. (Driscoll, 2002)

Use of e-learning to address current issues at Butterfield bank

E-learning is useful only to the extent it is implemented successfully. Instead of using a uniform set of techniques for all trainees, customized packages catering needs of different individuals should be developed in order to get the best out of investment made (Govindasamy, 2002).

In case of Butterfield bank a blended e-learning approach should be introduced as per the needs of different employees. In first case where employees are lacking knowledge of company products and those of competitors a Multimedia- integration (Zhang, Zhao, Zhou, & Nunamaker, 2004) approach can be used by using the existing experts of e-learning in training teams.

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