Essay: Substance Abuse

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Essay: Substance Abuse

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A)    Alcoholics Anonymous

Before I delve deeper into my experience throughout an Alcoholics Anonymous session, I would first like to elaborate upon the function of this body. Alcoholics Anonymous is an international mutual aid movement that runs on the objective of helping alcoholics attain and maintain sobriety. It is a form of group therapy involving regular meetings that is run by people who have suffered from alcoholism and those who are suffering from it. (Jensen, 2000)

The Alcoholics Anonymous session was an incredibly interactive one whereby, they provide every individual with a social support and sense of belonging. This is so, in order to enhance their motivation to quit addictive behavior by telling each other their success stories and eradicating the feeling of isolation estrangement that comes along with alcoholism from the society. It was really emotional to see all the members share their ordeal through which they can effectively help and give others hope to overcome their problems.

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