Sample Essay

Pastoral care is defined as the provision of the religious counseling and ministry of care by the various religious members, chaplains to the people of the same faith and belief. This sort of services can vary as it can be carried out at home or even in the settings of a counseling center. It is seen as the provision of spiritual guidance and care. What this book seeks to provide is the thought that pastoral care is not merely done by providing simple religious counseling. It requires much more than that.

It requires ad deep sense of self-realization and a true awakening of one’s own flaws, suffering and weaknesses in order to be attuned to the issues of the people and the ones to who they preach to. Pastoral care, as devised by the book, is not merely a technique or a manner through the pastor which seek to provide religious guidance but it would be a complete understanding and a oneness with the believer and the minster

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