Sample Essay

Mickey Mouse and the Disney Park are an American cultural abomination” Evaluate this critical Statement.

“Mickey Mouse and the Disney Park are an American cultural abomination” This is a statement connected to the hard line taken by the French Leftist who never accepted the American people to erode their culture. They claimed the pollution on their country’s cultural ambience was due to the arrival of Mickey Mouse and the company. They wanted to see more European culture in the park than the American culture.

Consider how a strong effort to woo both European consumers and middlemen such as travel agents, tour guides even bus drivers, might have been made. How effective would this likely be?

Wooing both the European consumers and their middlemen would have been very effective. Although the French were repulsive, visitors from other parts of the continent continued to rise due to the active persuasion they carried out. Proper strategies when put in place to woo the customers and the middlemen would rebound the company back to business and then restore the customer and the middlemen’s confidence to the company.

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