Essay: Leadership by organizations executives

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Essay: Leadership by organizations executives

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Leadership is an exciting subject to all organisations executives. Before discussing about the ways in which the leadership theories would be put to use, the above cost issues would need to be addressed.

The management would need to enforce a cost advantage over the competition by analyzing three possible options. The first option would entail increasing the efficiency levels and controlling the costs along the value chain by having an edge over the fellow competitors in terms of structural and executional cost drivers.  Efficiency can only be attained when the management has a good grip over its workforce and over the entire operational cycle. For that purpose, communication and a well-connected network would be integral as only a committed workforce can ensure efficient results.

Since, Easy Jet is moving into unknown territory; hence it would need to acquire the services of its local partner in terms of the local human resource and operational services in order to get a good understanding of what is required and what should be done appropriately. The management would need to train the local trainers by making use of the expertise available to it in terms of the European human resource.

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