Essay: Healthcare Industry

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Essay: Healthcare Industry

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The stakeholders interested in this venture and who would have a certain aim, stake involved would be the; the environmentalists such as  the United States Protection Agency, other concerned environmental groups, the community consisting of people going to hospitals, the people working in the health sector, the healthcare industry including the public and private officials, the architectural firms who specialize in healthcare projects, and if the situation becomes critical then even the World Health Organization.

The perspective of the healthcare industry and its officials would be that they would want to have this issue taken care of as soon as possible.  The publicity that this issue has been getting has created a negative image and has caused extensive damage to the credibility of the industry itself .By taking preventive measures, the industry officials want to clean up the “mess” while safeguarding the future The perspective of the concerned community would that of safeguarding their interests by ensuring that the required health procures were being carried out. The community members would have to take active interest in the hospital’s level of commitment in order to ensure their own goal’s achievement.

The perspective of the environmentalists would be to ensure that these unhealthy activities were banned and not allowed in any for whatsoever.

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