Sample Essay

The clear distinction above the tow news items can mean a world of difference in terms of the world becoming more aware of the security threats that exist. The Gaza conflict was not given appropriate coverage which effectively meant that the people of Gaza were not given the sort of aid they required. That resulted in many people having to face homelessness and other issues alike and the ignorance of the world was witnessed when the level of aid proved to be clearly insufficient.

The sort of coverage that was given to the Oscars might have been much more than necessity as there are several issues which the world needs to be informed. This essay is not any way attempting to belittle the importance of entertainment or any activities attached to entertainment.  What this essay is seeking to do is enhance the role of the news channels as information providers. The news needs to focus on economic issues, political items, social issues which are many in number.

The recent example of the attention given to the sort of clothes worn by Michelle Obama was another example of the different ways that these newspaper channels seek to attract the viewers. More focus was given to the first lady’s clothing than was given to the Vice-President on the day of Barack Obama was elected he President.

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