Sample Essay


This paper would seem to examine three literary works by presenting their most profound themes and imagery while at the same time comparing and contrasting them with each other in order to highlight their common factors and any self-evident flaws etc.

This paper would seek to examine literary works through the evaluation of their literary elements and would contrast a couple of works in order to determine their varying characteristics etc. The literary works that have been selected for the purposes of analysis include “the story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin, Robert Frost’s The Road not Taken and John Keats “When I have fears I may cease to be”.

All three works have different underlying tones and themes running through them which would be cross-examined for the purpose of this paper.

The first literary work; when I have fears that I may cease to be “is one of the more famous works of John Keats and was written in 1818. This poem centers on a number of concerns that are evident throughout the poem-fame, love and time. The poet is clearly expressing the lack of time which would constrain the time available to spend with those he holds affection for. Time and love are contrasted as two opposites as love cannot exist forever since man is bound by his mortality.

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