Should children be taught the importance of money?

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Should children be taught the importance of money?

In this materialistic world, everyone is in a constant race to earn money to make his/her both ends meet. In order to live a good life, the monetary acquisition is necessary. The young generation must be taught the importance of money so that they will learn the skills of managing money from early years of their lives. They will learn the ways to earn money and to spend money prudently. However, some people are not in the favor of early monetary education. They believe that children must learn other valuable things in their childhood such as moral principles.

There are many people who believe that schools must have finance as a subject in their curriculum. This will imbue children with the importance of money. Form the needs of life to the necessary healthcare treatments, money plays an important role. One cannot think of having all basis necessities of life without money. Moreover, the quality education and health services cannot be acquired if the person does not have money. Therefore, children must learn the value of money. When a child will learn that how important it is to earn money then he/she will start finding ways to make money or to save it for future. If they will not know the importance of money at their early age, then they will have problems regarding the acquisition of money in their later age.

On the flip side, there are people who believe that instilling the importance of money from the early years of life is wrong. Children are supposed to be free from all the worries of later life. If these innocent souls will be taught what money means then they will feel burdened with the future responsibilities. They should not be thought that the size of wallet is the sole parameter of one’s success. Money without love and happiness cannot bring success. Therefore, moral principles such as honesty, love, trust, etc, must be taught to children at their early age. They can learn how to make or spend money in later part of their lives.

Indeed, it is true that everyone must know the importance of money, but imbuing children with its importance at their early age is quite irrelevant. They can know how important money is in their later age. Therefore, there is no point of adding finance as a subject in the curriculum of small children. Money is not the sole measure of success, certain humanistic values also play an important role to accelerate one’s future. Therefore, such values must be taught to children.


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