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Essay: Self-pleasuring among Autistic Adolescents

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Since, the main source of the problem lies in the fact that autistic individuals lack the necessary social skills and interactions with people; which is the main barrier when it comes to giving them formal education regarding the matter. These individuals do improve and develop the necessary skills in life but the rate of progression is not that fast to fulfil the demands and requirements of their bodily changes.

Essay: Experiential family therapy

This type of therapy emerged from the humanistic existentialist movement that took place in the 1960’s. It was drawn from the gestalt therapy, psychodrama, client-centered and the encounter-group movement (Goldernberg, 1991). According to the developers of this mode of therapy, the root cause of problems in a family is usually the emotional suppression the denials of the impulses that come with this suppression.

Essay: Family Therapy or Family Counseling

Family therapy is also known as family counseling. This is a branch in the field of psychotherapy which is used by therapists to nurture the relationships between members of a family or couples. The therapy sessions usually entail a view into how the different family members or couples interact with each other. In doing so, any issue that may arise as a result of lack of communication or agreements between the persons involved is highlighted.

Essay: Situations causing anxiety and depression

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I, being a student, have undergone many such situations in which factors like stress, depression and anxiety were common. These situations include those days when we, the working students, are loaded extraordinarily with assignment, quizzes, tests and other cramming-up stuff. I, at the moment, am stuck in a situation which is entirely different than other students; I study in the morning and work part-time in the evening. Thus, for me, the stress factor has always been common to occur.

Essay: Individuals’ personality

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N – N stands for iNtuitive, this aspect of such individuals’ personality their innate ability to feel a lot. Such individuals are often in touch with their emotions and are able to use these feelings to make predictions that are often true.