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Essay: Overcoming regions through use of military strength

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The environment over which the US policy makers have no control and consequently, the results would be quite different from what would have been aimed at. Edward Luttwak, a historian who wrote a lot on strategic theory and how the use of attrition and the maneuver would result in the attainment of the goal. Through the use of the superior power and manpower strength, the US in this case, would be able to attain their set purposes and aims.

Essay: International Community against US

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An important element of fighting this war has been the case of ethics, as pointed out by Martin Cook, which was not taken into account as the war in Iraq was fought on the context of it containing biological weapons which however, have yet to be found. There was fierce opposition from the world’s community and yet, the US persisted and hence, had to bear the scorn of the international community.

Pros and Cons of President Obama’s QE2 Policy

The stimulus economic package of President Barrack Obama was approved by Congress in February 2009. This package was calculated to stimulate economic growth and save up to 2.3 million jobs. As of October 30, 2009, 640,329 jobs had already been saved by this bill.  The package was to be put into effect over the next ten years. An easy explanation of (Quantitative Easing) QE is that it is an irregular monetary policy that is put into effect by Central Banks to revive the economy by purchasing financial assets to inject a certain amount of money into the economy. This is quite different from the usual financial policy of dealing in government bonds to maintain interest at a specified level.

Essay: The Alienated American Voter

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The American voter feels alienated because he does not understand what is going on and Richard Harwood (1996) suggests that this is so because the newspapers fail to speak his language. He is more like Lippmann’s back row deaf spectator who though, has a vague sense of being attached to a system, but does not actually understand the working of that system. The fact which is clear enough for the average man and woman is that political power is as unevenly distributed as wealth in our democracy and this further alienates them from politics.