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Essay: Sodomy Laws

Sample Essay Those laws which prohibit homosexuality are defined as sodomy laws and over time have taken many different forms in the different jurisdictions and areas. “Until 1961, the criminalization of sodomy in the United States was unanimous throughout the 48 states” (West, Green 1997). According to these laws, the behavior of homosexuals is considered…
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Essay: Historical Records of Sodomy Laws

Sample Essay According to the historical records, it has been seen that the customs regarding the sexual nature are more concerned about the male attitudes rather than the female and hence, there are a number of social attitudes which pertain to homosexuality. In fact, in certain indigenous societies, the homosexual relationships have been honored even.

Essay: History of Sodomy laws

Sample Essay In the year of 1961, the first state to repeal the law of sodomy was Illinois, which declared this law to be ineffectual. By 1986, the US Supreme Court had reviewed a Georgia case which involved the issue of same-sex relationships and it was decided that the state’s law is constitutional. According to…
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Essay: Fraud Act 2006

Sample Essay According to section two of the Fraud Act 2006, the person is found to guilty if he fulfils a number of conditions laid out including if the person dishonestly makes a false representation those include the intention of making the representation, making a gain for himself or another, or in order to cause…
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Essay: Section number eight of the Theft Act 1968

Sample Essay According, to the second limb of the case law, in order to establish the dishonesty of the accused, it would have to be proved that the accused would himself realize that what he did was dishonest according to the standards of reasonable and honest people.