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Essay: HIV Infected Workers

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A number of possible solutions can be offered in this case in order to solve this crisis which is getting worse with time. The organization is a mining company and for such an organization, massive layoffs can have disastrous results on the company’s output and on the morale of the remaining workers who can remain doubtful about their permanency.

Research Paper: Risk Factors of Asthma

Several risk factors have been identified which predispose a person to develop asthma. These differ for different age groups. For adult-onset asthma, the commonest risk factor that has been identified is a personal history of atopy, which has been described as a genetically determined predisposition to develop sensitivity to certain allergens (National Institutes of Health, 2003).

Research Paper: Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus and its types

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a common and potentially serious, chronic metabolic condition which is characterized predominantly by hyperglycemia and other manifestations. Diabetes can be a devastating condition with long-lasting hazardous consequences since due to its chronicity it affects almost all the major organs of the body including the eyes, the kidneys, the nerves, heart and blood vessels (Jennifer, 1998).

Research Paper: Significant role nurses play in the care of patients

We, as individuals of the general population, often tend to disregard the significant role nurses play in the care of patients. On a personal level, I believe that I and most other individuals like me take nurses for granted. We do not consider the services they perform as important. Sometimes we even scorn at them or look down upon them, not giving them their due respect, which is wrong.

Essay: The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease

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The occurrence of Parkinson’s disease is seen in less than 50 years of age one out of seven patients, and the occurrence increases with the increase in age. At the moment there are approximately 4.1 million individuals suffering with PD all over the world. Its prevalence in developed countries is just about 0.3%. (Metz, 2009) the percentage exceeds to one percent in individuals above sixty years that increases to three percent for individuals that are older than eighty years. (Huse, 2009) Within the USA, Parkinson’s disease affects nearly hundred to one hundred eighty individuals out of every 100,000 individuals and shows a yearly occurrence of four to twenty out of every 100,000 individuals. The prevalence of the disease increases with the rise in the aging of population. (Ellis, 2007) It has been estimated that there will be a rise in the occurrence of the disease in upcoming years; however its medical intrusions will participate to a great extent in combating with the extensive range of unmet requirements connected with the disorder.