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Essay: Wuthering Heights

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Romanticism was a term that emerged in the mid 18th century to describe political and social thinkers, writers, poets and artists that revolutionized the field of art completely. Basically romanticism was a way to protest against the established norms of the society that were based on aristocratic social and political ideology.

Essay: The era of Romanticism

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The era of Romanticism was originated in Europe at the end of the second half of the eighteenth century. It was an intellectual and artistic movement which gained popularity and power after Industrial Revolution. Romanticism was against aristocratic norms which were formed in the Age of Enlightenment. It was involved strongly in literature, visual arts and music.

Essay: To kill a mockingbird

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‘To kill a mockingbird’ is a masterpiece of literary fiction by Harper Lee; the plot is centred on a trial of a black man Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white woman. The fact that rape is a serious criminal offence and usually the trial is in favour of the woman; however, the fact that Tom was black further weakened his case against her. The entire story is from the perspective of young children that Jem and Scout Finch. Their father is the only person in the entire who stands up to present and defend Tom. The story depicts the social hierarchy that exists in the Maycomb society.  (Bloom. 2010:35)

Essay: Elements of Literature

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This paper would seem to examine three literary works by presenting their most profound themes and imagery while at the same time comparing and contrasting them with each other in order to highlight their common factors and any self-evident flaws etc.

Essay: Parts of Shakespearean sonnet

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The octave and the sestet are usually found in a manner in which they contrast each other.  The Shakespearean sonnet however, follows a different pattern and setting as it is not divided merely into two parts but into four parts. If one was to examine the structure, it would be evident that the first three parts are our lines long and are named as quatrains; following the rhyme sequence of ABAB. The last part is defined as the couplet and follows a rhyme sequence of CC.