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Essay: Elements of Literature

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This paper would seem to examine three literary works by presenting their most profound themes and imagery while at the same time comparing and contrasting them with each other in order to highlight their common factors and any self-evident flaws etc.

Essay: Parts of Shakespearean sonnet

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The octave and the sestet are usually found in a manner in which they contrast each other.  The Shakespearean sonnet however, follows a different pattern and setting as it is not divided merely into two parts but into four parts. If one was to examine the structure, it would be evident that the first three parts are our lines long and are named as quatrains; following the rhyme sequence of ABAB. The last part is defined as the couplet and follows a rhyme sequence of CC.

Essay: Woody Allen’s movie ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’

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Woody Allen’s movie ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors’ is a great work of art which leads one to ask questions such as how one would be able to create a moral and ethical framework in a world with no god. A multi-faceted movie which compels its audience to think critically about how one views the world around him and many other aspects could be discussed. The plot of the movie revolves around two protagonists Judah and Cliff Stern. Judah is an eye doctor and Cliff is a struggling filmmaker and their stories are loosely linked by the moral crisis each one of them is faced with.

Essay: Why Poets use Imagery

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Imagery is used to express the feelings of the poet; “garners, grain”, ripened grain” which all reinforce the idea of the fulfillment of time. The harvest is being used as a paradox as though it is being used to express the completion and fulfillment of an activity; it is being used to define the completion of a certain activity it is being used to define the end of time as well. Images are presented which allow Keats to perceive the deeper meanings behind these natural or physical phenomena “huge cloudy symbols”.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets- Introduction and Themes

Shakespeare, the great and most influential English playwright, has not only shown his brilliancy in play writing but also has conquered the ground of poetry buy writing beautiful and musical 154 sonnets. The sonnets of Shakespeare are completely different form his plays. The sonnets do not have any of the signature dramatic elements of Shakespeare’s plays; these sonnets have their own class which separates them from the sonnets of other poets. Many critics believe that Shakespearean sonnets are autobiographical–deal with real events, but as no one knows enough about his life, it cannot be said that whether these sonnets are inspired by real and personal events or not.