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Essay: Disadvantage of e-learning

Sample Essay Certain hazards are associated with this technique as well one of which is initial cost to upgrade the system in order to be compatible with modern learning technologies.  This up gradation involves both human and technical factors and thus involves high cost. Another disadvantage of e-learning is that it is based more on…
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Essay: Data Collection method

Sample Essay Data is collected from available secondary sources and the methodology results of study conducted at GSK by Carleysmith, Dufton, & Altria (2009) are applied on Bio-Rad.

Essay: Technology based modes of learning

Sample Essay A third approach to e-learning is blended learning which can be defined as; a combination of various technology based modes of learning, or a mixture of virtual and direct interactional learning or a combination of e-learning techniques with actual job related issues to make learning more effective and fruitful.  Blended learning helps organizations…
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Should children be allowed to follow their instincts?

“The child is the father of man” The great English romantic poet, William Wordsworth, believed that a child is the father of man as he has knowledge which is not tarnished by human experience. This initial knowledge is, referred by many scholars as, intuitive knowledge or intuition. This kind of knowledge can never be acquired…
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Should Children Have Strict Rules ?

The childhood of every person plays an important role in the development of the overall character of that person. For this reasons, parents, teachers, and guardians try their best to imbue children with moral principles and quality. They even take an extreme route to instill good character into their children by enforcing strict rules on…
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