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Essay: Loan amortization schedule

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What is a loan amortization schedule?

How would you use it to determine your loan interest rate?

What factors would impact your choice between two loans?

A loan amortization schedule is a table which outlines the each periodic payment on an amortizing loan which is generated by an amortization calculator. Every payment is applied towards the interest rate and the principal payment of the loan with the exact amount of the loan applied each as the principle value changes.

Essay: McDonaldization process

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There are aspects of this process which are clearly interlinked with the traditional values and the claims of the author of the McDonaldization process being the cause of the modernists is undermining this important area and aspect of the McDonaldization process. While the rationalization process of production and consumption are areas and aspect of the McDonaldization process, they clearly do not overtake the entire meaning and existence of the entire process.

Essay: McDonaldization of Society

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The book of George Ritzer, has taken certain elements from Weber’s work and presented a critical analysis of the impact that is felt by the social structural change on human interaction and identity. According to the book, Ritzer claims that the fast food business and its structure is responsible  for the present organizational force and this process or rationalization has disseminated into the everyday lives of the individuals and their interaction levels. As has been defined by Ritzer himself:

Essay: Improving the Economy of Vietnam

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There are a number of measures which would have to be adopted by Vietnam in the near future for the betterment of its economy. It needs to control the inflation level while at the same time tackling the downward pressure on the currency. The GDP forecasted is amounted to be 6.9 percent which is actually down from the previous value of 7.3 percent of last year. The reasons for this have been the smaller levels of credit expansion and the lower level of consumption growth. Inflation is estimated to be around 23.3 percent while the dong is expected to depreciate slightly in 2008.

Essay: Statistical retail potential of China

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China has statistical retail potential in abundance and that is a major reason behind formation of Current Economic Retail Internationalisation in China. Geographical coverage of modern FMCG retail outlets is very limited. Only Hungary has a lower density of supermarkets and hypermarkets than Shanghai, the most prosperous urban centre in China. In practice, China has only a relatively small affluent population that has the financial means to afford sophisticated products and services.