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Sex Education

An open and good relationship between children and their parents is very important. When parents are open to discussing their children they open up more and can share other problems they are likely to be suffering from. If parents are stiff in nature and avoid discussing something like sex with their children then children find other ways to get the answers. They may even get into bad company encouraging them unethical practices. It is very important for parents to behave like close friends rather than a fatherly figure trying to control them all the time. The more children are suppressed the more the chances of them become rebellious eventually. Parents should be open to discuss about anything their children wish to discuss. This way parents also know the whereabouts of their children and can result in a good healthy relationship. This way parents can also save their children from indulging in wrong and dangerous activities.

Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense And Sensibility  is among the finest novels of the great English novelist, Jane Austen. Like other novels of Jane Austen, this novel also shares the development of female characters and the tribulation attached with the quest of finding a perfect match. The two main characters, Elinor and Marianne experience great difficulty in finding a suitable match after they were hit by an unexpected mishap. 

Self-Harm and Cutting

Different people have different perspectives about the world in general and they also have their own way of dealing with emotionally difficult situations. Some people find a way out from emotional distress and feel much relieved. They have better problem-solving skills and they are more likely to think rationally. They try to look at every problem with logic and rational reasoning and they come up with an effective solution to cope with such a difficult or emotionally distressing situation. Some people do not learn to express their painful feelings and emotions and they are more vulnerable to becoming addicted to self-destructive behavior such as self-harm and cutting. Such people are also termed as masochists.


As security testers, it is important to know how to modify or alter some of the tools you usually make use of so as to suit your needs better. The creation of a customized script (where the script is a program that is used to automate a task that would normally take too much time to do manually) results in saving a lot of time for the security tester. As security testers are well aware of, the Fping command can be used with the input being a file designed for performing ping sweep tasks. The creation of such a file containing thousands upon thousands of IP addresses manually is not worth the time at all. Rather, most security testers know better than that and thus use their basic skills in programming for writing scripts that can be used to create the above-mentioned input file.

Assignment on Brand Promotion

A slogan or tagline attached to the brand or product can also increase the brand value, and implicitly convey the communicator’s message to the audience. It is also one of the features of the brand that can assist in differentiation for the consumers. It is able to further engage with the consumers, through conveying a story or narrative that can increase its presence in the media. The brand is able to further penetrate the market and expand the brand’s personality).