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Team Integration and Project Delivery Performance

Project Delivery Performance inside of the business related to construction has been scrutinized because of its divided way to deal with the delivery of the project. The conventional acquirement approach does not support the integration, integration, and communication between project teams expected to beat this fracture. This is on the grounds that the different teams in the undertaking are not ready to team up and cooperate obviously to convey extends viably. It is additionally recognized that the divided value-based understandings in the customary methodology negatively affect team elements and channel different collaborations to meet contractual deliverables as opposed to characterizing ideal arrangements. (more…)

Teaching and Learning

Learning is significant when the student can relate new learning material with previous knowledge existing cognitive structure. On the other hand, that the task is potentially significant, the ideas expressed symbolically should be related to what students know or have cognitive sense to him. This internal process in the mind of the person causes a change in their cognitive structure in the newly acquired and that which is linked with information. Similarly, the concept of discovery learning to achieve meaningful learning, based on that through the same teachers can offer students more opportunities to learn for themselves. Thus, discovery learning is learning where students build themselves their own knowledge, in contrast to traditional teaching or transmitting knowledge, where the teacher intended that the information is simply received by students. (more…)

Science and Technology

Science and technology are closely linked to considerable countrywide objectives in many areas like health care, environmental protection, economic growth and national security. These connections essentially raise the question of what goals the nation should have for science and technology and how these achievements should be reflected in organizational arrangements, investments, and areas of research and development. (more…)


A capstone presentation is an open door for an understudy to show his insight into the course point, his field of study or his instructive foundation. The coming full circle presentation, commonly in view of an examination paper, is given before a school panel, a leading group of educators or a classroom of associates. An understudy’s capstone presentation ought to show his capacity to incorporate and apply the information and abilities gained amid his academic vocation to real-world issues. (more…)