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Essay on Sports Marketing for Women

According to the National Football League (NFL) figures, 45% of its television audience is made up of women. Officials say women make up 45% of baseball’s television audience and 43% of its attendance. NBA officials estimate 40% of their attendance and television audiences made up of women. More women than ever are attending NBA games. Bill Sutton, a marketing consultant for the Cleveland Cavaliers and other NBA teams indicated “the number of female fans is increasing, and the number of games they’re attending is increasing.

Thesis on Performance Improvement in Coaching

The performance improvement component is another issue to be addressed within the coaching strategy. The coach’s task is to facilitate or empower subordinates to progress beyond their current stage of performance. It has been recognized that coaching is a day-by-day, hands-on procedure for helping subordinates identify opportunities for strengthening their performances and capabilities.

Research Paper on Women Sports in United States

In the United States and other nations in the world, sport organizations have aggressively marketed themselves to sponsors in an effort to obtain the funds necessary to operate programs”. Sports heavily engaged in sponsorship at the professional level have included football, basketball, tennis, golf, and auto-racing.

Thesis on History of Corporate Sport Sponsorship

The first use of sport for promotional purposes was recorded in the late 1800s when New England railroad officials sponsored a crew competition between Yale and Harvard. Corporate sponsorship continued throughout the decades that followed, however, the most significant impact of corporate involvement in sport to date occurred with the 1984 Olympic Games.

Research Paper on Human Resource Management in Saudi Arabia

Human resource management is a vital function for the private and public sectors in the context of Saudi organizations. The goal is to have expatriates (a person who resides temporarily or permanently in a country other than that of their citizenship) working in the office. However, no one in your company seems to know much about recruiting in KSA, apart from the fact that because your company will have less than ten employees, it is required that you employ at least one KSA national: