Assignment on Brand Promotion

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Assignment on Brand Promotion

A slogan or tagline attached to the brand or product can also increase the brand value, and implicitly convey the communicator’s message to the audience. It is also one of the features of the brand that can assist in differentiation for the consumers. It is able to further engage with the consumers, through conveying a story or narrative that can increase its presence in the media. The brand is able to further penetrate the market and expand the brand’s personality).
The catchy and interesting tagline of this piece is “Ignite your curiosity”, which is quite unique as the word “ignite” can be correlated in the automobile context, and the curiosity of owning a luxurious and premium quality car as a sign of strength and power.

Visual elements

The car is portrayed in a red colour against the dull grey background that makes the car visually more prominent. Moreover, the bright and beauty image of the car’s outlook is attractive for the image-oriented proportion of the market, which consists of males in majority. The female part of the market, however, is attracted to the detailed advertisements such as with texts and complex images or themes. The themes of this advertisement, is quite simple with the inclusion of a dominating image of the product to appeal to the male proportion of the market, and the presence of a detailed description of the concept and product that may appeal the female proportion. Even though, the target audience is in majority males, the female crowd consists of 25 percent of the Financial Review audience, and hence can add them to their market.

Brand personality

The personality of the brand is created in accordance to the reflecting statement that the creator wants to depict regarding the product and brand image. The brand image, in turn, is designed in order to reflect the audience’s desired image of themselves or a message that the organisation wants to convey to the consumers in order to make an impact on their perceptions regarding the product. The personality in the piece is being evidently depicted as luxurious and high quality that the consumers should want to identify themselves with. The advertisement straightforwardly instigates the audience to acquire this symbol of luxury for differentiating themselves.

Creative idea

An advertisement’s creativity is the major element of the communicated piece that can increase its uniqueness and make it more memorable for the consumers. However, it has been studies that the effectiveness of such ads does not necessarily motivate the buyer to purchase the product.

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