Advertising in Marketing Management Essay

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Advertising in Marketing Management Essay

Advertising in Marketing Management Essay – Various approaches and methods of communication with the target audience are employed in marketing practice to elicit the intended reaction. Companies must not only provide high-quality and useful items but also educate consumers about their benefits and establish a clear positioning of their outputs in their thoughts.

To do this, businesses must employ various methods, including advertising, sales promotion, and public relations. Many people feel that marketing is only about advertising and sales, which is understandable given that they see hundreds of TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, sales letters and reports, billboards, signs, shop windows, and so on every day.

Marketing was a common phenomenon throughout the twentieth century. Its roots may be traced back to practical economics and are strongly related to core economic theory concepts such as trade, profit maximization, utility, specialization, and rationality.

The marketing theory of customer behavior is based on the model of a rational modern man whose decision-making is aimed toward fulfilling selfish objectives. The model of three phases of production and sales, according to his design, comprises a shift in priority production, sales, and marketing.

The sales age has stressed production orientation, primarily concerned with the firm’s products and the company itself. However, as competition has increased, greater emphasis has been placed on the structure of marketing, personal selling, advertising, and promotion.

Thus, marketing orientation emerges as a unique reaction to the consumer’s demands, aiming to satisfy them to the greatest extent possible. The manufacturing period lasts from the mid-1850s to the late 1920s, whereas the subsequent sales epoch precedes a marketing epoch.

Marketing services are typically involved in the creation and execution of commodities, pricing, marketing policies, and strategies to promote items in the market. An examination of the innovation process reveals that, depending on market conditions, the early stages of corporate transformation employ some marketing components as utilitarian methods.

As a result, marketing is a complex production system that focuses on the needs of a specific customer and profit based on marketing research, the study of the internal and external environments of export enterprises, and the development of market strategy and tactics through marketing programs.

Marketing is defined as “the art and science of selecting target markets and acquiring, retaining, and increasing consumers via the creation, delivery, and communication of greater customer value” by Kotler and Keller as the market economy’s foundation, marketing is a production philosophy that spans from research and development to offer a service that meets the market’s requirements and desires. It is always evolving due to various economic, political, scientific, technological, and social reasons.