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Essay: Statistical retail potential of China

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China has statistical retail potential in abundance and that is a major reason behind formation of Current Economic Retail Internationalisation in China. Geographical coverage of modern FMCG retail outlets is very limited. Only Hungary has a lower density of supermarkets and hypermarkets than Shanghai, the most prosperous urban centre in China. In practice, China has only a relatively small affluent population that has the financial means to afford sophisticated products and services.

Essay: The class distinction

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The class distinction was apparently the invention of the working class people as well, who have isolated themselves form rest of the classes and strata that are present in the society, and however there is some amount of uniformity in their level of functioning but the discrepancy between social classes have widened in the last few decades. (Bourdieu 1998)

Essay: Self-pleasuring among Autistic Adolescents

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Since, the main source of the problem lies in the fact that autistic individuals lack the necessary social skills and interactions with people; which is the main barrier when it comes to giving them formal education regarding the matter. These individuals do improve and develop the necessary skills in life but the rate of progression is not that fast to fulfil the demands and requirements of their bodily changes.

Essay: U.S History

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The Revolution of 1800s

From 1788 to 1800, the Republicans and the Federalists had opposing views concerned about the future of America. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party who wanted to form a government which should bring financial, industrial, military and technological revolution in America. Hamilton had a vision to drive America to the greatest powers of the world.

Essay: The importance of building up general buying power

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The twelve FMCG retailers were asked to explain why they set up operations outside their domestic market. In terms of more general motives for overseas expansion, four of the twelve FMCG retailers highlighted the importance of building up general buying power in order to drive down supplier margins, expand cash flow and avoid being ‘eaten up’ by competitors.