Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen

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Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen

Sense And Sensibility  is among the finest novels of the great English novelist, Jane Austen. Like other novels of Jane Austen, this novel also shares the development of female characters and the tribulation attached with the quest of finding a perfect match. The two main characters, Elinor and Marianne experience great difficulty in finding a suitable match after they were hit by an unexpected mishap.  Their deceased father, Mr. Henry Dashwood, leaves an inconsiderable amount of money for them. The large amount of money was given to his son, John Dashwood, form his first wife. With no permanent home and little income to survive, Mrs. Dashwood, the second wife of Mr. Dashwood with her three daughters, leaves the present premises and goes to her distant relations at Barton Park.

Elinor, the eldest and more mature than Marianne, is sad leaving their home in Norland as there she gets acquainted with the Edward Ferrars, the brother-in-law of her half brother.  Edward and Elinor become close to each other and both are sad. However, the time to departure arrive and they leave their past belongings and relations behind. At Barton Park, they meet new people, including Colonel Brandon and John Willoughby. Both the gentlemen are inclined towards the beauty of Marianne, but Marianne was flattered with the flattery of John Willoughby. Willoughby and Marianne become close to each other but one day Willoughby leaves saying that he has some urgent business in London. On the other hand, Elinor is shocked over the news of Lucy’s secret engagement of Edward, disclosed by Lucy herself.

Both the sisters leave to London with Mrs. Jennings. There Marianne gets struck by a bitter truth that Willoughby has married to a rich heiress, Miss Grey. Marianne becomes grief stricken and develops a severe cold; however, she later realizes that her love for Willoughby is nothing more than a mistake. Both the girl travel back home and there they get the news of Mr. Ferrars engagement with Lucy. However, this misconception is corrected by Edward Ferrars himself who comes to meet Elinor and propose to her. He told her the Lucy is not engaged to him but to his younger brother as he has been entitled to all the fortune of the family.

The novel end on a happy note as Marianne develops into a mature women and marries Colonel Brandon who loves her with all his heart. Elinor also finds her true love and both couples lead a happy life.

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