Essay: Wuthering Heights

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Essay: Wuthering Heights

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Romanticism was a term that emerged in the mid 18th century to describe political and social thinkers, writers, poets and artists that revolutionized the field of art completely. Basically romanticism was a way to protest against the established norms of the society that were based on aristocratic social and political ideology.

The movement also signified a revolt against the rapid industrialisation and modernization of the society that incited the population to reduce the value of emotional, traditional and moral aspects of human behaviour. Rationalization was rapidly seeping into literature and art, which was alarming because it reduces the greater impact of literature on the society, reducing it to a superficial depiction of society and all its elements.

In other words, writers and poets aimed to protest against the rationalization of the society and wanted to preserve the moral and emotional sense in the people through their work. The foundation of romanticism was laid by Byronic heroism that was embodied in major literary figures created by the authors. (Brackett & Bloom. 2008. P.p 224-230)

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