Essay: Workplace Ethics and Leadership Styles

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Essay: Workplace Ethics and Leadership Styles

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The workplace ethics are strongly affected by the leadership style of conduct. If the leadership adheres to a strict code of conduct and principles, than the entire organization will follow the same code of conduct. These leaders are also able to have a greater level of authority than an unethical leader. (Milton, 1970)

Therefore, it has been deduced that the leadership style goes a long way in establishing the sort of environment that prevails in the workplace. If the leader exhibits values of integrity, responsibility, competence, dedication and commitment, than the working environment would mirror these values.

This paper would examine two sorts of leadership styles, one which displays the above sort of values and the second case which does not exhibit the above sort of places but in fact, takes certain unethical decisions. These very values determine the character and the subsequent success of the leadership. However, in certain cases even unethical leaders have been proven to be unsuccessful.

A quote by Robert Terry( 1993:107):

“Leadership is a subset of action. Leadership is authentic action, a unique and honorific mode of engagement in life”.

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