Essay: Words that explain the patience of Linda

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Essay: Words that explain the patience of Linda

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However, she cannot show this strength in front of her Husband. She is never able to stand for her rights. Every time Willey, insults her she never protests against his behavior and always comes up with a new spirit. “What a woman! They broke the mold when they made her”. These words of happy are enough to explain the patience of Linda.

Linda represents the miseries of women in this manly world. Linda is a woman, whose entire meaning of life is depicted in her relationship with her husband. Her day starts with her husband, circles around him and then ends with him only but she is the one who is never praised for her dutifulness and loyalty. She is considered as a home moth who has to stay at home and who is always preferred on other women having greater sexual appeal Linda’s love and care for Willey and her strong sense of patience becomes her weakness in the end when she is being taken for granted every time by Willey and in entire life of hers she never get that love and respect she deserves from her husband. Slowly and gradually a woman passing through such situation finds herself entangled in a cage where she cannot express herself and she is incapable of crying even at the death of her beloved husband (Savran 37). And thus the play ends with these words of Linda “Forgive me, dear. I can’t cry. I don’t know what it is, I can’t cry. I don’t understand it. Why did you ever do that? Help me Willy, I can’t cry.”

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