Essay: Women shaped by Media: Then and Now

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Essay: Women shaped by Media: Then and Now

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This paper would seek to examine the ways in which women and their role in media and other forums has evolved over time. Whether the historical or even the present portrayal of women is fair to women or is it a mere manifestation of the men’s image of women? The paper examined a number of examples form history and it was concluded that there much progress is required before women can truly establish themselves.

This paper would seek to provide an understanding of an issue that been raised on a number of forums but never has been addressed the way it should have been. The issue surrounds women and their lack of recognition for their efforts. History contains a number of examples which hold testimony to the above statement. The contributions of women have been silenced by a male dominated society which prefers women to be stereotyped.

The social system and the legal system pertaining to make sure that that the roles are maintained, it has become a subject worthy of study to observe the trends of this movement over time. Women are perceived to be the adult version of children, who were not even given the right of proprietorship and legal recognition till very recent times. Women were passed from one male hand to another.(Alvin,1965)

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