Essay: Women Rights in Islam

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Essay: Women Rights in Islam

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Another misconception in the western society about Islam is regarding Women Rights. The Holy Qur’an explains in great detail about Women Rights. West believes that the women are deprived off their rights in Islam. (Ernst, 2003) That’s actually not the fact, after deep analysis I have found out that every obligation put on women by Islam is in their own favor. (Ernst, 2003) For example Islam orders women to wear hijab i.e. to cover their body and head.

This is for their safety and protection; many women feel comfortable in wearing hijab, because many women do not feel comfortable when other people stare at them. In America Islam is the fastest growing religion, every year thousands of people are converting into Islam and the majority of the converts are women. Yes, that’s the fact, according to the Federal Department of Justice more than two third of the converts are women. (Ernst, 2003) If Islam was against the rights of the women then why so many of the American women converted into Islam? In reality Islam care for the right of the women and orders man to protect the rights of the women. Islam gives equal status to the woman; it allows women to inherit the property.

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