Essay: Women in the business and social world

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Essay: Women in the business and social world

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There has been a paradigm shift in the portion that was designated to women in the business and social world in terms of it becoming bigger, the newspapers and news articles did not show this. Though there were stories being published to attract a greater number of women readers, the quality and quantity was clearly insufficient. By portraying women to be social overachievers but not in the commercial and business world, the projection being sent out to the readers is clearly biased. The influence of women is restricted to their ability to project themselves as physically attractive but not mentally strong.

However, despite the above criticisms women have made most progress and success in the journalism world. According to the International Federation of Journalists which was published in 2001, showed women journalists to be around 38 percent. Another study which was carried out by Gertrude Robinson and Armande Saint-Jean found female editors in Canada to be around 28 percent.

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