Essay: William Lloyd Garrison

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Essay: William Lloyd Garrison

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William Lloyd Garrison was born in the December of 1805; he was a popular U.S journalist, social reformer and abolitionist. He became famous for his abolitionist newspaper “The Liberator”. Garrison was also among the founder members of Anti Slavery Society of America. He urged for an immediate liberation of American slaves. Garrison was also renowned for his involvement in the women suffrage movement. (Conlin, 2009)

Nat Turner

            Nat Turner was born in the October of 1800; he was a slave who became famous by initiating salve rebellion movement. This movement was started in August of 1831 at Southampton County of Virginia. He became controversial personality when he killed some whites. For his killings he was given a life sentence and finally he was executed by the American authorities. (Conlin, 2009) In the aftermath of the situation the state officials convicted and executed more than fifty blacks who were accused of giving support to salve rebellion movement of Turner. Around three hundred blacks were beaten to death by the white mobs and armed forces that reacted with violence to the slave rebellion movement. The legislators of the southern states passed new laws which restricted black people rights of assembly. They also made it compulsory for the white ministers to be present at black worship places. (Conlin, 2009)

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