Essay: Widespread dehumanization of the people

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Essay: Widespread dehumanization of the people

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The book analyzes that the exploitation was largely due to the fact that since Europeans at that time had bizarre notions about the African people. These bizarre ideas and notions about the people led to widespread dehumanization of the people therefore, Belgians were unable to empathize with the people and as a result they were always looked down upon by them. This outlines as to why the labor was exploited and millions of elephants were slaughtered for their ivory tusks.

In the story, the major motif that was encompassed in the story was the world map that was widely accepted at the time that showed Africa to be blank area. The continent being shown as blank signifies the fact that how little was known about the region and this gives insight into the psyche of the ruling faction that since they do not know much about the people that are being ruled by them, they obviously won’t be able to empathize with the people.

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