Essay: Why Ban Junk Food

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Essay: Why Ban Junk Food

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Generally upon a debate of whether to ban junk food from educational institutions or not, we encounter many arguments in favor of the sale of junk food in schools, colleges and universities. However if we delve deeper the pros are not as stronger in impact and longevity as the cons of this argument. Junk food is no doubt a quick and easy meal, that can not only sate the hunger of a child who forgets to bring his lunch to school one day but can also facilitate in carrying the food on travel, and saves time. Also it is argued that junk food is no threat if someone takes it now and then, just as a change of routine, but only hurt the individual who consumes it regularly.

The Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology conducted a research based on extensive experiments to gauge the short term effects of high fat diet. The researchers concluded that within a short span of time the impact of this junk food over the cognitive functioning and mental alertness was drastic. Even a few days of junk food diet can wreck havoc with our well being. (Ellis, 2009) That settles the answer for the pleasure seekers and fans of this “luxury food”. As for the convenience of students who’d facilitate from canteens in lieu of remaining empty stomach, it is advised that a little time and concern for their well being can save them from far more detrimental impacts upsetting their life and health. Providing vending machines or canteens full of junk food will no longer serve as a convenience but will become a surefire method of ensuring the development of addiction in students towards junk food.

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