Essay: What is Our Role in banning the selling of junk food

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Essay: What is Our Role in banning the selling of junk food

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Today the commercial media is bombarding our youth with advertisement of junk food which is present everywhere. The impact is so strong that these advertisements are etched in our subconscious. To ensure the safety of today’s generation from the curse of excessive junk food consumption, we must ensure we do our best efforts to prevent the harmful impacts through taking steps at all levels. Not only the government should ban the selling of junk food to our youth, but their parents, educational institutions and the one of the most powerful catalyst and pressure group of 21st century, our media should also take measures and correct themselves to improve the future of our youth.


Parents’ role in preventing this situation comes from the very early development of their child. Today kids our constantly exposed to the extensive advertisements of junk food. As the forbidden fruits tastes the sweetest, bans and restrictions do not reinforce enough to withhold their curiosity. It’s the parents’ duty to make sure they make their children aware of the pros and cons of this diet. Moreover parents should develop the importance and taste of healthy food in their child from very start, and make effort to prepare them healthy meals, so that as they grow up they are not lonely free from any addiction of junk food but also learn to be health conscious and self controlled when not under the surveillance of parents. This will also prevent them to incline towards junk food other than in colleges and universities.

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