Essay: What is Day Care business

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Essay: What is Day Care business

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In today’s age, lives have become tougher and complicated. Just as the competition amongst businesses has increased, at individual level too, all the people in a family are working to make both ends meet. In such busy and pre-occupied life, both the parents in a family have to work to support their living.

Thus, along with the spouse, mothers also have to go out and work, which is in turn, increasing the demand for daycare centers. These are the business centers where mothers leave their children in charge of the baby-sitters who take care of them and educate them as well. Thus, daycare is a fancy form of baby-sitting institutions, where children are not only taken care of, but, are also taught according to a properly formulated curriculum. There are even corporate day care centers which are established by the big companies, where the children of their employees are taken care of. These centers are usually located within the company’s premises (Catco Kids, n.d.)

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