Essay: War or flattery Between Apple and Google

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Essay: War or flattery Between Apple and Google

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The two competitors were also facing competition from other big companies like Samsung and Nokia. After the introduction of thousands of computer applications the conflicts grew more serious. Last year Apple did not allow two of the Google’s applications. When companies start to copy each other, it is usually because of war or flattery. Apple and Google are separated by just ten miles in Silicon Valley situated in Mountain View, California.

The terms between Google and Apple are extremely good for more than a decade. Both the CEOs i.e. Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple have spent more than fifty four years in fighting against another giant known as Microsoft Corporation. After this incident the questions were raised about how much Google presence will be tolerated by Apple. After this the opposition between both the companies grew stronger. Google with the help of Nexus One started to make powerful phone devices using Android.

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