Essay: The War of 1812

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Essay: The War of 1812

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The conflict of 1812 was a war which was fought between British Empire and the militias of United States of America. There were many different reasons for which the America declared the war against British Empire. The first one was the trade restrictions which were due to the military conflict with France. (Conlin, 2009) Secondly the America wanted to expand their territory into Northwest.

The third reason was the impressments of U.S sailors into British Royal Navy. Lastly, despite many warnings the British continued their support for Indian tribes in order to stop the American expansion and they continued to humiliate America’s honor. (Conlin, 2009) The policy of British Empire until 1814 was defensive and they resisted many invasions from America. But still the region of Lake Erie was captured by the American troops in 1813. America was successful in destroying power of British allies in the region of Southwest.

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