Sample Essay

The Wahhabi school of thought is considered to be an extremist group and that is the reason that the Saudi government does not accept any edicts regarding the Islamic laws other than any of their officially recognized scholars. (Ernst, 2003) Figures like Ayatollah Khomeini who inspired a large number of Shi’i but does not have any influence over the majority who are called Sunni. Now because of so many differences, different scholars dictate their own meanings of jihad. In reality Islam is against the killings of innocents. (Ernst, 2003)

In the Holy Qur’an Allah says that who so ever saved any life; saves the whole humanity. Islamic teachings are purely against the killings of innocents. In is only in the resent times that the word became so controversial, particularly after 9/11.  When we look towards the history of Islamic conquests we see that their fight was based on justice. For example, Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, was one of the most humane and chivalrous conqueror, who for more than twenty five years faced the brutality of the Crusaders and who was finally successful in pushing back the combined evil forces. (Ernst, 2003) Sultan had a heart of a merciful Muslim with matchless military capabilities. Historians describe him as one of the most chivalrous monarchs the mankind has ever seen. When the Sultan died the only property he left was a coat of mail, one dirham and his horse.

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