Essay: Vision/Mission of Celeste’s 24 Hours Daycare

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Essay: Vision/Mission of Celeste’s 24 Hours Daycare

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The vision and mission statement plays a vital role in directing the operations and procedures in any organization. Vision refers to where an organization visualizes itself to be after few years of its existence, while a mission statement states the purpose of organization’s existence and sets parameters for what an organization does and does not do (CARI, 2008). Both these elements are vital in the strategic planning of a business because they define a path or a direction in which the organization is deciding to head to.

Celeste’s 24 Hours Daycare works with a vision to providing an excellent learning and development environment for the sound mental and physical growth of young minds. It aims to be one of the outstanding day care centers in this business while providing best services and aiming to give its customers maximum satisfaction.

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