Essay: Visible and Invisible Powers

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Essay: Visible and Invisible Powers

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There are forms of power and two of those, are called as visible and invisible powers. Visible power is defined as the first face of power and is the vocal voice of power in a manner of speaking. This is that source of power which can be demonstrated through participation in decision making and having a certain influence in the decision making process itself. This power can be observed and is “pluralist” sense of power.

The second categorization of power; invisible power is that power which allows the shaping of people’s needs and wants. It is embedded in the social, cultural, ideological values and norms. It is an internalized sense of power which cannot always be observed. The basic sources for both can be defined as money, intelligence, hard work, information and lastly the position that a person has.

Two basic ingredients of power; motivation and resources-clearly, the difference of the composition of these two results in the basic differences in power itself If a person is more motivated to prove himself/herself, she would be motivated to show the skill by a visible sense of power while a equally motivated person could be more interested in remaining on the sidelines and shaping the wants and needs.

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