Sample Essay

The victims of evil acts are often too confused and bewildered to comprehend as to what is happening to them. The individual goes through the predicament and often asks the question as to “Why the Misfortune befell him?” The individual then goes down into self-blame and experiences disproportionate and displaced amount of guilt. And the issue the victim develops subsequent to the evil act cannot be easily resolved because there is no one can explain the reason behind an individual that would drive to partake in evil activities.

The example of serial killers is often used to depict ‘evil’ in the society. It is estimated by researchers that one out of every four individuals is a serial killer; therefore it is evident that the crime has become quite rampant in the last few years. Serial killing is not the same as ‘mass murdering’, it usually entails premeditated murders and is usually done for pleasure. A serial killer is often believed to be a victim of violence himself, and suffers from some kind of mental or cognitive disability that drives him to indulge in such activities.

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