Essay: Victim of self-blame in Midwives

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Essay: Victim of self-blame in Midwives

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The repercussions on Sybil were further exacerbated by the way society perceived her and her actions, immediately she was taken for a vicious individual and criticized immensely for what happened. Despite the fact that events were pretty much out of her locus of control, she still blamed and deemed herself responsible for what happened. It is in fact true that Sybil made a mistake however; it does not imply that Sybil was careless in what she was doing. On the contrary, the circumstances actually are to be blamed for it. Sybil goes through a moral complex that any individual would go through after the trauma of delivering such a complicated pregnancy. And her conflict also sheds light on the greatest medical dilemma whether it is desirable to save the mother’s life or the child’s. (Thiroux, 2008)

Furthermore, that Sybil never received any formal training in delivering babies this further aggravates her situation and she becomes a victim of self-blame. Her case does not only cause her to become antagonized by the law and other doctors but she also attracts the hostility of her conscience. Considering her mind-set during her adolescence, Sybil had always been a peace loving individual and for someone like that bearing the burden of murder on her shoulders can be an extremely debilitating and unfortunate incident. (Thiroux, 2008)

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