Essay: Various approaches and techniques to e-learning

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Essay: Various approaches and techniques to e-learning

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E-learning can be asynchronous or synchronous in nature. Asynchronous technique is the one which is not a direct or one to one way of communication rather individuals learn from already available instructions recorded on some electronic medium. On the other hand synchronous technique is its opposite where instructor and trainee communicate by a direct medium through video conferencing etc. usually organizations use a blend of these two types incorporating both techniques of synchronous and asynchronous e-learning (Welsh, Wanberg, Brown, & Simmering, 2003).

Zhang, Zhao, Zhou, & Nunamaker (2004) presented a model e-learning system to cater to various hindrances in the smooth functioning of a technology driven knowledge system called Virtual Mentor having features like Multimedia integration where learners gain information via already recorded interviews of experts on some media like MS office tools etc., just in time knowledge acquisition which allows users to make use of websites like Google to get their required information at any time, VM also allow learners to communicate with it at any time just like a real conversation in order to remove communication gap, VM is a user friendly tool which allow users to make use of it as per their personal requirements and thus VM is flexible too, and lastly VM records and analyze the user’s performance and one can evaluate oneself easily.

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