Essay: The Unpredictability of Huntington’s disease’s Symptoms

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Essay: The Unpredictability of Huntington’s disease’s Symptoms

Tailor had very tough decisions to make which would ultimately determine Reiger’s employment fate. With close consideration to the cases presented by all concerned and consulted parties, it is obvious that Reiger’s condition at the time did not pose any immediate risk to the airline in terms of passenger safety and Reiger’s capacity to carry out his duties.

Having in mind the unpredictability of Huntington’s disease’s symptoms, I believe that Danville did not have to bear the risk of accidents, losses and lawsuits by waiting for the symptoms to manifest in order to take appropriate action. The best recommendation that Taylor would have made was for Danville to offer compensatory damages to Reiger for acting against his will and violating his right to privacy. In addition, Danville would have offered Reiger a new job closely related to his former one but less demanding in terms of physical and mental capabilities. This would have been in the best interest of both parties.

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