Essay: Unilever a global business organization

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Essay: Unilever a global business organization

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Unilever is a big name in the list of global business organizations these days. It is a British-Dutch multinational corporation which is one of the largest providers and owner of many consumer brands which include food, beverages, personal care products, cleaning agents and other related items. The company was first incepted by British and Dutch producers in 1930 and grew slowly and gradually until the branches of Unilever reached other parts of the world including Latin America, Canada, England, etc. Now, the company is a grown multinational and has its research laboratories and factories operating in all the continents across the world.

Unilever is the owner of more than 400 brands now, out of which, its top 25 brands are responsible for more than 70% of its sales (Unilever Annual Report, 2009). The brands of Unilever include many famous products such as ice creams, tea, margarine, detergents, soaps and other beauty products (Unilever, 2011). The company faces extreme competition from  some of its top rivals which include Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, PepsiCo and others.

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