Essay: Unethical Style of Leadership

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Essay: Unethical Style of Leadership

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While the former experience could be looked on with a sense of reverence, another leadership experience left me with nothing but a bitter taste in my mouth. I had to do some research work for a project and was part of a research team. The leader of this project was a man who was highly questionable and left me wondering as to how this status of a leader had been conferred on him.

Not only was the person highly disrespectful to the rest of the team but took all credit for the work-without showing any hint of appreciation or gratitude. Highly incompetent himself, was unable to provide any guidelines and encouraged an atmosphere of illegal means usage. For someone like me who believed in certain rules and principles, such shocking behavior was quite appalling as it was in direct contrast to a leadership style that I had been more familiar with earlier on.

This leader refused to show any hint of integrity, constantly berating and questioning us while at the same time not allowing any one to provide any sort of idea of help. As a result, the quality of work did suffer and the team was again held responsible. The lines of communication between the leader and the team were quite weak and hence, the team was pretty ineffectual in terms of co-ordination etc.

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